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The Hood Law Group practices Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Probate and Civil Matters and has for many years.

We have also expanded our services to now offer a full suite Sports Division dedicated to managing new recruits and seasoned NFL players.


Please take a look at our various services and feel free to call our office to schedule a case evaluation at (770) 451-6099

Criminal Law


Our Attorneys have worked with several counties on retained and appointed matters to ensure that justice is met. We understand the unique needs of our clients that are facing legal ramifications for various situations. We take a look at all matters on a "case by case" basis so that we may take the time to properly effectuate the optimal solution for our clients. Many criminal matters can be quite complex and it takes a level of understanding and expertise to resolve these matters. Please give our office a call now for a FREE case evaluation. There is nothing better than the feeling of peace of mind when you allow our team to manage your criminal matter so that it is not a burden that you have to take on alone.

Personal Injury


Our team cares about both your treatment and your settlement. We do not operate like many "mill firms" and take pride in the professional relationships we build with our clients. We maintain a team environment so that you are comfortable in knowing your case is being managed by a team of professionals and not simply overlooked. Many times clients get mislead regarding the process of filing a personal injury case and remedies that they may have in any personal injury case. Give our firm a call now so that you may experience  a firm that communicates with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Civil Matters




Contract Law & Negotiations

Give our office a call for a FREE case evaluation

(770) 451-6099.



HLG Sports

Contact Agent, Jeff Hood, Esq. regarding your inquiry.

Our office is here to help.




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